DINA residency


I will be doing a “mini-residency” at DINA from 21st January to at least 18th February 2016, and using this time on-site to discuss the Bolam SHF project and pursue some of the ongoing strands of technical research and development relating to capturing, collating, editing and publishing timelapse video. This is a very flexible arrangement and has no specific finish date.

These are my confirmed times on-site but I will, no doubt, be there at other times too. If you want to meet me at a different time or want a look around the venue, please get in touch.

Dates at DINA:

21/1/16 12-5pm
26/1/16 12-5pm
28/1/16 12-5pm
2/2/16 12-5pm
4/2/16 12-5pm
9/2/16 12-5pm
11/2/16 12-5pm
16/2/16 12-5pm
18/2/16 12-5pm – postponed

***Update 25/2/16 – My scheduled time at DINA is now finished, but I will continue to do various things there on a more informal basis. The BolamSHF project is ongoing so please get in touch if you are interested in either the project or the venue.***